Around the Wor(l)d in three days. Poetry in motion – dynamic typography

Information about the workshop

Author: Ksawery Kaliski, PhD (Art)

Date and place:

1) 1.12.2017 – Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology (BDG), Bejing

2) 6.12.2017 – Wuhan University, Wuhan


  • Introduction to dynamic typography.
  • Joining basic typographic values such as: composition, light, shape, weight, with typographic problems connected with time, movement and interaction.
  • Encouraging the designer to using a text and interesting artistic associations in various creative ways.
  • Creating an artistic message which is an answer to a specific literary work (a poem, a philosophical sentential, etc.).
  • Suitable choice of form (font, composition, etc.) and film narration which should reflect the contents of the work.
  • Applying interactive solutions (Processing software), creating mapping, VJing or installation.
  • Realization (modern font, stamp, cut-out, computer font, etc., film, animation, interaction. Programmes: After Effects, 3d Max, Maya, Processing, Modul8).

Duration: 3 days (each workshop 4-5 hours).

Ksawery Kaliski, PhD (Art) is a multimedia artist. In his work, he connects both his scholarly and artistic experience. He has been a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice for 13 years and is the owner of ARTMEDIALE, a company working in design and multimedia art.

Ksawery Kaliski draws his inspiration from many places, including contemporary electronic music. He collaborated with musicians on visualisations for concerts, created music videos and worked on titles and animated films. He prepares his own graphic and interactive installations. Kaliski is particularly interested in perspectives on art and its carriers in postmodern orientations.

His work was shown, among others in New York, Vienna, Miami, Ljubljana, Seoul and Linz. He has won many awards.