Cooking your reality [Wastelands Interactive]


Company: Wastelands Interactive
Lecturer: Leszek Lisowski
Game: Cooking Simulator

Date: 3.12.2017
Place: The Communication University of China (CUC)


Cooking your reality – punishment and reward for leaving the scheme.
Leszek Lisowski will say how the Cooking Simulator has changed the focus from management game to the free roaming simulator inside a professional kitchen. Based on the feedback gathered during the gameplay tests, the game has transformed in some aspects to give player much more freedom of taking actions and experimenting.
This has created completely new challenges to the development team, as from the game where there was strictly restricted actions and outcomes it has changed into the one where player can do everything with anything. During the presentation, Leszek will describe what decisions has been made to encourage the player to experiment with all the possibilities that the kitchen’s working space and its equipment offers.

Gry_12_Wastelands_Leszek Lisowski

Leszek Lisowski

Leszek Lisowski is a founder and CEO of Wastelands Interactive – a gamedev studio founded in 2006. He works on his own and for the third party titles currently developing Cooking Simulator. He is a social work graduate with background in finances. He moved to Game Development to fulfill the passion and love to video games. He works mostly as a producer and helps with gameplay design and AI design. Currently, he is the President of Gamedev Cluster in the city of Łódź.