Fantastic Hunan Blooming in Poland

12 September

we would have a chance to experience the diversity and beauty of art from Hunan. The exceptional evening “Fantastic Hunan Blooming in Poland” takes place in Teatr Polski in Warsaw.
Hunan province is located to the south of the Dongting Lake in the central part of China. It is a Land of Splendors and has rich resources and many varieties of Intangible Cultural Heritage. The province has 118 items listed into National Intangible Cultural Heritage and 324 items into the Province Intangible Cultural Heritage, including Kun Qu Opera, Hunan Puppet and Shadow Show, Spring Equinox Fair and Autumn Beginnings.
During the evening in Teatr Polski in Warsaw we would have an opportunity to indulge ourselves in:
Peking Opera in Hunan
Opera is a national quintessence of China It tends to combine unreal with real techniques of expression to break free from the limits of stage space and time and attain the ideal artistic state of artists conveying message and ideas through their actions, facial expressions and sentiments and portraying the figures lifelike both in appearance and in spirit. In their performances, artists must be exact in every detail and superbly play their part in each movement or action. As regards vocal music, artists are required to have their singing to be melodious and mellifluous. In short artists are expect to be remarkable both in voice and expression.
Chinese National Music
Performance include Beaming with Joy, ensemble of traditional instruments; Bright Moon over the River, ensemble of traditional stringed and woodwind instruments; Deliver Grain with Joy and Speed, ensemble of bamboo flute and Sheng ,a reed pipe wind instrument; Chanting to the Sky ,trio of zither, Xiao,a vertical bamboo flute and Xun, an ancient egg-shaped holed wind instrument; Jasmine Flower, the Liuyang River, ensemble of traditional instruments; A Night of Flowers and Moonlight by the Spring River,ensemble of Pipa, a plucked string instrument and orchestra; Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Prosperity, ensemble Of instrument Sheng and orchestra; Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, ensemble of Guzheng, Erhu and piano; Poland Waltz, In the Forest of Kaj Dello, Bird,Poland folk songs, joint instrument playing; Boy, Folk Dance, Pigeon, Czech folk songs, joint instrument playing.
Blooming Flowers and Full Moon, ensemble of traditional instruments.
In addition in Teatr Polski in Warsaw there would be held an exhibition presenting colorful and unique collection of pieces of art from Hunan Province.