Information about the exhibition

Curator: Jacek Koprowicz and assistant curator: Kasia M. Sosnowska
Artists: students and graduates of Lodz Film School

Date: 25.11-3.12.2017
Place: Beijing 1+1 Art Center, Beijing

In that one second, we become one with infinity – exhibition catalog

The exhibition “In that one second, we become one with infinity” presented in Beijing is another one blending in with the didactical and promotional programme of the Lodz Film School. So far we have been exhibiting in Poland and all over Europe but now, thanks to the invitation of the organizers of the second edition of the “Polish Circles of Art in China”  we have an honour to present the work of our students and graduates in the People’s Republic of China.

The exhibition, prepared by the curator, professor Jacek Koprowicz and his assistant Kasia M. Sosnowska, is a significant link in a widespread programme of presenting the works of young artists, and thus giving them a chance to confront the viewer, which is inevitable in the process of artistic personality development.

For 25 years we have been educating photographers at Direction of Photography and Television Production Department in the Leon Schiller National Higher School of  Film, Television and Theatre in Lodz Film School. 500 graduates of photography have received their diplomas; thanks to the knowledge they acquired here, thanks to the technical abilities, workshop skills and artistic sensibility they are ready to professionally produce a photographic picture. Our students and graduates have been invited to take part in many exhibitions and have been taking part in various contests receiving prestigious awards and distinctions.

Students and graduates of photography at the Department of Direction of Photography of Film School in Łódź – the most prestigious department of DOP in the world. Their numerous photo paths show the various techniques and possibilities of using the camera. They are constantly developing their styles and directions.

List of artists: Alicja Bloch; Maciej Butkowski; Mariusz Drezniak; Magdalena Franczuk; Aleksandra Gach; Adrian Gachewicz; Paweł Giza; Karolina Grabowska; Artur Gutowski; Kamila Ilnicka; Marlena Jabłońska; Weronika Jędrzejczak; Magdalena Kieroń; Sylwia Krędzel; Natalia Łączyńska; Monika Łuczak; Katarzyna Maluga; Sonja Orlewicz-Zakrzewska; Julia Ożańska; Katarzyna Parejko; Aleksandra Pawłowska; Magdalena Pietruszka; Kasia M. Sosnowska; Kamila Winnicka; Karolina Wojtas; Tomasz Wysocki; Aleksandra Zaborowska;Piotr Zbierski, Adrian Jaszczak.


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