Polish-Chinese musical bridge

A common performance by a Polish pianist Grzegorz Niemczuk and a Chinese violinist Chen Xi on Wednesday 20th December in Beijing Concert Hall was a perfect culmination of this year’s edition of „Polish Cirlcles of Art in China Festival”.
„The demanding audience in Beijing Concert Hall was pleased,” Wojciech Majewski, the director of the festival said after the concert. „Both musicians decided to give more common concerts. So, building the Polish-Chinese musical bridge can be continued,” he added. He emphasised that both Niemczuk and Chen are world-class artists of the young generation. „There was some chemistry between them, and that’s the most important,” Majewski summerised.
It was an exclusive concert, only for the invited guests: members of governmental institutions, diplomats, opinion-forming circles. A lot of Baidu (Chinese Facebook equivalent) users expressed their disappointment that it was a closed concert and tickets were not available to the general public.