Polish gamedev industry

The presence of quickly developing Polish video games industry is a novelty and an extra attraction of 2. „Polish Circles of Art in China Festival” 2017. The chosen producers presented their latest achievements on the most important platforms and VR, and the outstanding specialists will show their artistic, technological and design abilities on 2nd and 3rd December at the Communication University of China in Beijing.

Among the business people of the branch there were representatives of ARP Games Accelerator, which aim is to support gamedev industry in Poland. The companies focusing on designing original games was represented by: Anshar Studios, Destructive Creations, GameKraft, Long Story Short, Reikon Games, Wastelands Interactive, Techland, The Farm 51 Goup S.A. and a designer of an experimental production, „SUPERHOT” a First person shooter.

Besides the presentations of of gamedev industry, there were be lectures on game design. It will be a perfect opportunity to establish new international business connections.

The lectures were concentrate on:

  • using pioneer technologies in new techinques of plot creation;
  • designing characters for games;
  • analysis of particular games;
  • the history of Polish Game Industry.