The Animal from the Poster

Information about the workshop

Author: Sebastian Kubica PhD (Art)

Date and place:

1) 1.12.2017 – Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology (BDG), Bejing

2) 5-6.12.2017 – Hunan Normal University, Changsha

3) 7.12.2017 – Wuhan University, Wuhan


The main aim of the workshops is an attempt to talk about human emotions or character features (such as joy, anger, love, peace, frustration, anxiety, composure, discipline, spontaneity, self-interest) by the use of animal motifs. Looking at the world of animals and analyzing their built and their behavior in the natural habitat we can, by the use of metaphor, transpose their features into the human world.
The workshops aim at the reflexive and analytical approach to the topic connected with applying brachylogy, metaphor and the huge scope of classical workshop (B2 format, drawing, painting, graphic and mixed techniques) excluding digital media. Graphic projects which surround us (book and press illustrations, brochures, catalogues, billboards, packaging, leaflets, logotypes, posters, etc.) are usually plain, mere and anonymous as if they were made by the same person. Clear and precise message which will be understood by the recipient is most important in poster design. Through the individual language of the designer ( also the specific way of thinking) projects can vary and be better acquired (be more humane) which will not distort their message. These values are characteristic to Polish graphic design, especially poster design. Thanks to them, Polish poster has become recognizable around the world.
Individual or group correction and conversation are going to be the didactic methods.
• Making the participants familiar with the particular stages of creating a graphic design (concept stage, sketch, choice of graphic techniques, composition, making the project)
• Choosing a proper animal motif, composing it onto the B2 format and applying suitable techniques (collage, monotype, drawing, painting, stencil and others).
• Attracting attention to the problem mentioned in the poster, brachylogy and metaphor.
After the workshops participants will:

• know the process of creating a poster
• be able to justify their choice
• be able to use graphic techniques which will allow to touch the core of the topic
• be able to use brachylogy, synthesis and metaphor.

Necessary materials:
Paper for sketching, B2 format paper (various colors cardboard), paints (acrylic, tempera, watercolour), brushes, sponges, ink, crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, glue, sellotape, paper knives, materials for collage, cups).

O autorze:

Sebastian Kubica – assistant professor – artist and scholar of graphic design, drawing, illustration and artistic design. He holds the chair of his author’s poster and illustration studio. He is the author of dozens of individual exhibitions and a participant of hundreds of group presentations, a judge of art competitions in Poland and abroad. He lectures and conducts workshops for students in graphic design at academies all over Poland and abroad. Member of Alliance Graphique Internationale since 2015.