Trends in Polish poster according to Maria Magda Kurpik – 17.10.2016

During the fourth day of the festival, at the Beijing 1 + 1 Art Centre, Maria Magda Kurpik gave a lecture entitled “Trends in Contemporary Polish Poster”.
Listeners had a chance to learn about the history of Polish poster art from the turn of 19th and 20th century, up to contemporary times. They were familiarized with the symbols used in designing these graphic forms, with an emphasis on the Polish School of Posters. A continuation of the lecture will be the three day workshop “Three Muses in Poster” (with Maria Magda Kurpik and Sebastian Kubica), on the analysis of Polish film, theatre and music posters.
A few dozen people came to listen to the lecture, but the live video broadcast was watched by close to one thousand users.