You Are God


Directed by: Leszek Dawid
Country/ Year: Poland 2012
Duration: 119’

The plot of the film was inspired by the life of „Magik”, a member of a legendary hip-hop crew. Leszek Dawid managed to avoid producing biographical puff piece, in spite of it, he talks about emotions which accompanied the musician whose songs became the voice of the generation. The director, who is a documentalist, portrayed the background of the whole story – the dull and grey Katowice housing estates during the times of political changes in the 1990’s of the 20th century. His music expresses how he coped with life, with sudden popularity, how he matured to be a father. The strong suit of the film are also the actors: Marcin Kowalczyk who played the main part and Dawid Ogrodnik and Tomasz Schuchardt who play Paktofonika’s other members, „Rahim” and „Fokus”. The actors were preparing for their parts for a year; they met „Rahim” and „Fokus”, they recorded their own pieces, they learned what kind of genre hip-hop is.
About the director:
Leszek Dawid (1971) graduate of Lodz Film School. He started his career as a documentalist. He provides in-depth portrays of his heroes. His most famous documentary „Bar at Viktoria” – was a story of young unemployed men from a small Polish town who go to London to search for work. The director accompanied them on their journey sharing thier experience. He is interested in people and their choices and he decided to make fiction films, too. Both his feature debut „Ki” and „You are god” were very well-received. Besides, Dawid is a director of TV performances and a crime TV series „Pakt”.
Most important films:
• 2003 „Bar at Viktoria”
• 2004 „My space”
• 2010 „On the way”
• 2011 „Ki”
• 2012 „You are god”